How to become a model?

My life has gotten to a place where it is time for me to give back. Being on both sides of camera most of my life, working as a model for 16 years and photographer for 12 years here in Toronto, Canada, I can now fully answer a question. How to become a model? How to become a photographer? So I sat down and write this very long “Toronto modeling guide 2018 which will hopefully benefit new models and parents of young girls which would like to start but simply don’t know what to do about that. I did receive many emails in past and in present from my past clients or people asking me for help. That is why I decided to write this Toronto modeling guide. You can also find my YouTube Channel – which will bring new videos every Tuesday with tips and tutorials. Don’t forget to subscribe as all videos have lots of answers in great detail.

Why can I help you? I used to work as a model 16 years (currently taking a break since I am Mom of 2 young children) and I am planning on returning to it eventually for fun. Yes, there is no age limit to modeling… you heard me right. I never forget my acting agent’s words: “I cannot wait for the day you hit 40, you will then finally start making money”! I did acting for few years as well which was absolutely fun and loved it! I worked briefly as a modeling agent in MTSC Toronto… which I didn’t like that much….:) (you will read why later on) and I am successfully working as a photographer past 12 years which is my true passion. My work has been published all over the world… as a model and photographer.

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Toronto modeling guide

I want to do modeling but I don’t have a portfolio. What to do?: You can attend one of the agencies’ open calls which generally happens on Tuesday or Wednesday. (each agency is different, just call them and ask when it is) Bring your headshot, body shot, profile photo printed and also if you can on USB memory stick, measurements (age, height, chest, waist, hips, inseam, shoe size, hair color and eye color)… and just show up… If agency is interested, they will send you to their own photographer to do what is called “model testing”

What to wear in your photos? I get this question all the time when someone is booking modeling portfolio session with me. One look should be very simple where agents clearly see your body type. Something like black leggings and top, or black silhouette dress will do. Second one can be either more casual or more classy. It all depends on what type of modeling you want to do. Are you young between 16 and 19 and want to do high fashion? Are you commercial type of person? Are you fitness model? Are you lingerie, swimwear model? To get a closer look at what should be warn during photo session take a look at some Toronto modeling agencies’ websites, browse their modeling portfolios and study what those models are wearing. Stay with simple tones, no busy pattern or loud colors. You should be seen first… then the outfit. The same thing applies to makeup. Ask for simple natural makeup. Agents want to see how you look like and how camera reads you…… not how your makeup looks like and guessing how you really look like behind all that makeup of yours. Once you have your test images in your hands, you are ready to go find an appropriate agent for you.

If you have the right type of images in your portfolio, your chances that you sign with a good agency right away will increase. When I came to Canada at 18 years of age, I brought my modeling portfolio from Europe. I went to see Elite where I met Elmer Olsen. He told me straight up that with that kind of portfolio I won’t get any work and he wasn’t interested in signing me. Well… I’ve waited few years, worked with different agencies and came back to Elmer Olsen. After seeing my new well established portfolio with North American feel, he signed me up in seconds. I was smiling in the elevator on the way to the car. He didn’t remember me… but I did remember the moment I’ve met him first time….:) It is just matter of time. You have to build your portfolio, start somewhere small and then build up as you go. Just like any business. This is your Toronto modeling guide.

– Which agency should I go with?: Here is a very interesting question. Many parents email me confused. Which agency is the best? It is about finding an agency which will work for your type and get you work. I’ve met many models telling me all proudly: “I am with such and such agency”… OK… and how many jobs did you get from them this year? “Actually, only 1 job this year and I had 3 auditions in total” . You can try to be in a “top and biggest” agency in town but if you are just a name on the list, not getting work, is it worth it? I have been represented by many agencies in my modeling years… to name a few: Elmer Olsen, Next, Giovanni, Metropolitan in Paris (France) and small agency Broadbelt and Fonte. Do you know which one was the best one? Small agency Broadbelt and Fonte in Toronto. I was working 5 days a week steady. They had roughly 60 models at the time, making sure they all worked. That was the best agency for me. I wasn’t a high fashion type model. I am a commercial type. I did mostly lingerie and swimsuit modeling back then.

– Which agency is right for you then? Go to see few agencies and get opinions from them. Listen to what they have to say. If they say no, ask them: “Which agency do you recommend me? What type of modeling you think I should do? Do I need to improve anything or change anything in my look…. (hair color, cut as an example).” Once you find an agency which will want to sign you, talk to the agent some more. Is the agent honest, are you feeling he/she is sincere… not all promises type of thing? I personally like an agent which tells me good things and also tells me bad things without any hesitation. Such as “Warren Beatty from AAB Talent” told me: “Do you know what is a negative thing about you?” I said… “my accent?” He said: “I am glad you know it. Your accent will limit you in some acting roles.” Until this day, I think he was the best acting agent for me. Once I return to acting, I will knock on his agency’s door hoping to take me back….:) I don’t like agents which do too much of a sweet talk. Those never gave me work.

Don’t forget that interview works both ways. You are interviewing a modeling agent trying to find the right one for you and they are doing the same thing with you. They are in it to make money. They want people which have the right look for them, are reliable, sincere, don’t have an attitude, and will represent them well. I’ve had a pleasure to work as a modeling agent. I’ve met some awesome models. I’ve met some male models which drove me nuts with their attitudes. They thought they are superstars and treated me like I was a slave. Guess what? I didn’t book them again. In fact, I’ve placed their photos under the table so I didn’t even have to look at them again. Oh boy, was I running away from working as modeling agent. It is not easy to deal with some models.

Bottom line, come for an interview with little or no makeup, wear something tight so agents can see your body. Not too sexy though, they are not interested in seeing your underwear through too short of a skirt. Something classy, simple and tight to show waist line and body shape. Bring portfolio, be yourself, be healthy confident and listen to what he/she has to say. Toronto modeling guide.

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How to choose a modeling agency?:


Here is list of Toronto modeling agencies:

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B&M Model Management –
Ben Barry Agency –
Carolyns Model & Talent Agency –
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Elmer Olsen Model Management –
Ford Models –
Fulcher Agency Ltd. –
Geoffrey Chapman Model & Talent Agency –
Ice Model Management –
ICON Model Management –
M Models and Talent Agency –
Marquee Model Management –
Model Management Group of Canada Inc. (MMG) –
Next Models –
Orange Model Management Inc. –
Plus Figure Models / Little Women Modeling Agency – Ph.: 416-961-6709
Sherrida Personal Management –
Styles Model Management Inc. –
Sutherland Model –
Velocci –
WM Models Inc. –
Again, this guide is based on my life experiences. It is not meant to be as something you have to do… read it… if you feel there is something which might help you… I am glad I could help.
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