Preparation / FAQ


I have decided to go ahead with Glamour & Boudoir Photoshoots…what next?:
– call 905.922.2778 or email to book your session with photographer Zdenka Darula.
– we require $50 deposit to book your photoshoot. (we accept cheque, cash or Paypal payment)

What wardrobe should you prepare for your photoshoot?:
– It is up to you what kind of style you would like to wear. It can be casual, jeans and tank top, dress, skirt, pants, evening gown, swimsuit or lingerie. We suggest bringing more then less. Most of our clients show up with a suitcase at the door. The more you bring the easier styling is. Please don’t forget shoes and accessories.

How to arrive for your shoot!

You will need to know the following information:
– Studio address (as discussed at consultation, either your location or studio)
– Booking day and time.
– Please arrive 10 minutes before your booking time.
– Please arrive with your hair washed 24 – 48 hours before the shoot, clean no products.
– Arrive with no makeup only moisturizer on your face.
– Makeover will take approximately 45 mins
– Photo shoot will take approximately 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the package you selected.

– We include a free basic hair style, this style is only created for the illusion of the camera, it is not a style we create for you to wear for that evening or the next few week, after the shoot it will probably drop back to how it was earlier that day.

– If you have hard to manage hair that only you or your regular hair stylist can work with please arrange to arrive with your hair already styled.

What happens after the shoot?
– Your DVD with all original images will be prepared the same day or will be mailed out the next day.
– We will also post all original images in small sizes on Clients’ password protected area for your easier viewing and selecting of your images.
– You will need to select your 10 to 20 favorite images. (depends on your package selection)
– Your final images will be retouched to magazine cover quality. This means, air brushing, color correction and other digital inhancements.
– You will receive another DVD with your final retouched images.


Nicole – fitness shoot:
“I’ve settled into my vacation (it’s been super busy!) and have had a chance to thoroughly look through the pictures. I wanted to thank you so, so much for your beautiful work. I was so comfortable and confident in your studio, and I definitely attribute it to the level of warmth and professionalism that yourself and Cristina displayed. Fernando and I had a really great time there!”